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Local resource for matcha tea in Portland. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to tea, as well as advice and content on what matcha tea and why it’s good for your health.

Matcha Something Old Is New Again


I am sure by now you have heard all the news about how good for you green tea and how it can do everything from keep your heart healthy to helping to prevent or fight cancers. I know a lot of people who really want to increase how much green tea they consume each day to the suggested 10 cups of tea per day. With today's busy life styles it can make it very hard to have time to drink those 10 cups of tea. I suggest using matcha as an easy way to sneak more green tea into your diet. Matcha is finely ground green tea that lets you consume the entire tea leaf therefore helping you to digest more of the polyphenols(antioxidants) and other beneficial parts of the tea. Matcha is so conveinent that you can add a quarter teaspoon to your regular cup of tea to double the amount of green tea your consuming per cup. It is also versatile and can be added to everything from your morning yogurt or smoothie to the brownies you made for dessert.
A quarter teaspoon of matcha is the equivalent of a normal cup of green tea. Matcha is not any higher in caffeine than normal green tea but you may find that you have much more energy when consuming it and this is from the poly-phenols and other anti-oxidants that you would normally not get in such high quantities from simply drinking green tea.

The people who grow and process tea have been looking for ways to change and improve their teas and it has brought us some new and unique teas. The newest tea that I have been introduced to is Kenyan White Rhino Matcha . What is a white Matcha? White Matcha is basically white tea leaves that are ground to the fine matcha consistency. White teas have been shown to have more anti-oxidants than green teas mostly due to the fact that the leaves are simply dand do not go through the heating process or either steaming or frying. This specific new matcha also has more anti-oxidants because it is grown at much higher elevations than those grown in Japan. White Rhino Matcha has been shown to have al...

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